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London Carling Hammersmith Apollo - 18 April 2005

The following is reproduced from my journal entry of 10 May 2005. The full set list is below.

I had just arrived in London that Monday morning. I really hadn't gotten much sleep since the previous Saturday night, but I was doing okay. I watched some afternoon TV in my hotel room, then I went to meet my friend, Matt, and Christian, his friend from Spain, at the Hammersmith tube station at 4.

Of course, we were at different entrances to the station, and didn't find each other until 4:45. But, we finally did. Oh, happiness! I hadn't seen Matt since 2000, and I just love him. He's such a sweetie! I hadn't actually met Christian before, but the three of us did do some IM-ing once a few years ago.

Well, the three of us went to a local pub. We had a few drinks, (I only had two, since I didn't want to be drunk at the Manics), and we talked. I could have stayed there all night with them - I was having so much fun. But, there was this concert we had tickets for...

We got to the venue around 7:10 (maybe 7:15), and ended up standing a little less than halfway away from the stage. We were right in the thick of the section of people who were bouncing through most of the Manics set. I don't do bouncing - not with my knees, let alone my old legs. I survived. I really couldn't see much more than Nicky, (I think I saw James once or twice, but no one else), which was perfectly okay with me. Everyone got so hot and sweaty. (I really don't know how Matt kept his jacket on!) Every once in awhile, I felt a sweaty arm around my shoulders from Christian. (I think he liked me.) During the song, "The Everlasting", the three of us had our arms around each other, me in the middle, we were swaying back and forth, and we were singing along - a highlight of the night. I almost cried during "Cardiff Afterlife".

The Manics played from 9 to 10:30. Musically, the show was great. And, I liked the support act, the Delays. (Not so much that I'll run out and buy their album. But, I wouldn't mind getting it cheaply.) In all, a great night of music!

Photo: God Save The Manics t-shirt design

I bought a t-shirt, [see the picture on the side] (which I wore the next day), and one of the same design, for some people in Dayton, Ohio (which I sent to them after I got home). The shirt has a picture of Nicky, lovely as usual in leopard print and tiara, with the words, "God Save The Manics" over the eyes, ala the cover of the Sex Pistols' single, "God Save The Queen".

There's an interesting thing about that. Back in 1997, the picture on both British music weeklies was Nicky in his camouflage dress at that year's Reading festival. When I saw that, I thought to myself, "Well, we may have lost the Princess of Wales [she had just recently died], but here's the Queen of Wales!" And now there's a shirt with Nicky replacing Queen Elizabeth!

Anyway, one of the other t-shirt designs that was available at the show a few weeks ago was the same one I was wearing that night - the "Motorcycle Emptiness" one. I was surprised to see it for sale there, I bought mine at least four years ago.

After the show, I followed the guys to the tube, but I sort of wanted to hang around the concert venue. But, I also wanted to extend the time I was with the guys, even if it was only a few minutes, and even if I couldn't hear anything. My hearing was just blown out by the show. I had put some tissue in my right ear, the one that I have more problems with, but it wasn't enough to protect all my hearing. (I do have a very nice pair of earplugs, but I left them behind in America. I didn't even think of packing them!) Anyway, I said good-bye to my friends, with big hugs, and went back to the hotel. To sleep and get ready for the next day's Manics show!

Photo: Me, Matt and Christian at Manics concert
(Courtesy of Matt)

Set List

Found That Soul
A Design For Life
Roses In The Hospital
Everything Must Go
My Little Empire
Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
Of Walking Abortion
You Love Us
Let Robeson Sing
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
The Masses Against The Classes
The Everlasting (acoustic)
Archives Of Pain
You Stole The Sun From My Heart
Stay Beautiful
Cardiff Afterlife
Motorcycle Emptiness
Paradise City/Motown Junk

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