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The Uses Of Literacy

Jeremy Deller
Book Works, 1999 - 48 pages

The Uses Of Literacy

Fans' creations on display

(4 of 5 stars) This little book, actually more of a booklet, is a collection of items which were part of an exhibition of art work created by fans of Manic Street Preachers. The exhibition was held in England in 1998.

Included in this book are poems, drawings, and statements of fandom, as well as other types of art work. Most of these pieces are very good. I assume there were more works in the original exhibit. A particularly interesting item is a collage of Christ changing into Nicky Wire. There is also a transcript of a conversation with the artist of this work, which was apparently on tape at the exhibition.

While this book has nothing to say about the band itself, it says plenty about the connection felt by fans towards the band, and the effects the Manics have had on them.

There's one little thing I didn't understand about this book, however. The page which has information about the publisher and such, which is normally in the front of books, is the last page of this one. And the only index/table of contents, is two pages before that. Must be an artsy thing I just didn't get.

(Review written: 27 October 2003)

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