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(Manic Street Preachers)

Nick Wise
Omnibus Press, 1997 - 48 pages

(Manic Street Preachers)

You don't have to buy every book about the Manics, do you?

(1 of 5 stars) If you are not familiar with the Manic Street Preachers' story, do not buy this book! I counted 33 glaring factual errors, (and I missed a few), starting with the first paragraph, where Richey Edwards is called the group's singer. He was the co-lyricist, and played rhythm guitar. The two major stories of Richey, the "4 REAL" cutting incident, and his disappearance, are so full of mistakes, I quit counting. The single "Motorcycle Emptiness" was not cut back to 4 minutes from its album version, as this book says. Sean does not live in Wales, as this book also says. The only parts of this book that are to be trusted, are the quotes. (Which sometimes, contradict the author's narrative.) But, the quotes are almost all available in much better books, or can be found in the publications they originally come from. And I won't begin to list the spelling/grammatical errors in this book. It's truly mind-boggling how the author of this waste of paper, managed to get this published. Also, I think the author might be American, because he usually uses the terms "English" and "England", but the band are Welsh, from Wales! (Common mistake among Americans - confusing the terms.) He also talks about Richey's "college" days, when a British person would have used the term, "university". In short, this a terrible book. I'd recommand almost anything else, other than this. Unless you want a real laugh. The pictures aren't even worth paying for! Consider yourself warned!

(Review written: 28 August 2000)

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